The Future of Decentralized Wagers
Here at Syrex, we believe in the decentralization of all applications. From exchanges and currencies, to websites and applications, decentralization is the way of the future. With the introduction of Syrex, we plan to bring decentralization to wagering, lotteries, raffles, giveaways, and gaming. By utilizing smart contract applications in Web3 to the fullest, Syrex allows users to interact with all of our features directly from their personal wallets. Syrex does not handle any of your funds, as all of the transactions are publicly resolved and available on the blockchain.
Opening with our $SRX staking, and quickly following with our decentralized Coinflip game, Syrex plans to take the decentralized wagering scene by storm. Starting out with simple beginnings, the Syrex team has plans to aim for the top, and compete with the likes of STAKE, Roobet, and FUN. Syrex will combine cryptocurrency casinos with the benefits of decentralized finance to create a fun and engaging staking experience.
Last modified 5mo ago
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